9: The Brute Force method again

Evil Pointy-Haired Boss (who has nothing better to do than sit around flipping coins), challenges
Dilbert to a game of heads-or-tails. In his first ten flips, the coin comes up heads every time
but one. Boss claims to be just lucky, but Dilbert thinks he’s playing with a loaded coin. Who is right?

General Steps

Does the boss cheat?

1. Decide on a null hypothesis — a "model" that the data should fit

2. Note your "expected" and "observed" values

3. Simulate lots of data

4. Decide what your “threshold of pain” is (otherwise known as a p-value).
*Note: technically this should come before simulating your data!

5. Determine whether the agreement of the simulated data with the observed data
falls within the threshhold — if so, we say the model fits the data well.

Verdict: The boss cheats (but you knew that already, right?).