2: The Punnett Menu

But first, let’s demystify Punnett’s Square a bit. We’re going to make a generalised Punnett Square using food instead of alleles.

To set this up, I want you to imagine going out to eat at one of those super-trendy restaurants (Chez Punnett, of course) with lots of dishes you’ve never heard of. Your task? Order an entrée and a dessert.

Entrees Desserts
Bikini Island Shrimp in Yuca Coconut Puree Chocolate Mink
Wild and Crazy Drunken Trout 103 Layers Chocolate Cake
Sweet Potato Gratin with Baby Pinecones Ecuadorian Pomegranate Popsicles
Cornish Hen in Free Range Chicken Wrapped in Organic Turkey, Smothered
in Genetically Modified Plum Sauce
Avocado Gelato
Turkey Cream Puff Pie Watermelon Croissant

(Just for fun, see if you can guess which three of these recipes
actually came from Gourmet magazine).

Our restaurant has 5 entrées and 5 desserts, so how many possible
combinations are there?