Mice with Fangs: Intro to Punnett Squares

Learning outcomes

After completing this module you should be able to:

  • Explain the difference between an allele, a genotype and a phenotype
  • Construct and use Punnett Squares for a single allele
  • Construct and use Punnett Squares for a two allele pairs (a dihybrid cross)
  • Use Punnett squares to determine the probability (ratio) of a particular genotype and phenotype in a given matching

Module contents

1: Introduction
2: The Punnett Menu
3: Creating combinations Chez Punnett
4: Insults by the dozen
5: Punnett menu revisited
6: Onwards to Genetics
7: Recap of genetics vocab
8: Can this marriage be saved?
9: Vampire fangs
10: Example: Mr Spock and Jax
11: Example: Mr Spock and Nurse Chapel
12: And you thought we were done!
13: The dreaded double hybrid
14: Another dihybrid cross
15: Summary