6: More game shows

Moving Right Along: the Law of AND

Here’s my concept for a very low-budget game show. First, the host picks the prize with probability according to the table below, then he decides which of 3 doors to hide the prize behind. Then the contestant comes out and she picks a door. When she opens the door, either the room behind it is empty, or she has won a prize. Here’s an example for ONE DAY:

door1Door 1

no prize!

door2Door 2

(3%) A tropical
(80%) a toaster
(17%) a washer-dryer

door3Door 3

no prize!


Essentially when the contestant picks a door, she is hoping that the prize is behind that door AND that it’s a tropical getaway (or maybe if she’s an overworked Mum she’s hoping it’s a washer-dryer, poor lady).